About us

Gods & Generals was established in 2011. Fascinated by the Gods of Greek mythology and the military structure of the Roman Empire, we pay tribute to those figures who are real and those we have just heard stories about.

In one word, the name Gods & Generals represents: Power.

Superhuman powers of a Greek God. Powers which led us to believe in a higher being. A being that can dictate their own fate and whom can ultimately change that of others.

A General, is given a form of power that is true and tangible. The distinction is held in high regard and is reserved for only the elite of Leaders. A General possesses structure, patience and wisdom in calculating an army’s next move to always stay ahead of it’s opponents.

From these powers is where we draw major inspiration. Constantly setting the bar higher as we implement all of those attributes into every single article of clothing….making every piece a “Power” piece.